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Affiliate WP is one of the leading WordPress plugins for affiliate functions that already has a lot of integration with transactional plugins.

In the affiliate environment, there are 2 things that become very important, namely links and coupons. The referral link is the vein, while the Coupon is the heart. We all know that a coupon determines who gets more than a link.

Because of the importance of a coupon, often, an affiliate uses his “branding” as the name of the coupon. Unfortunately, by using AffiliateWP, it is not possible for an affiliate to freely create and/or delete their coupons.

For that, I present AffiliateWP Addon – My Coupons.

This plugin allows affiliates to create and/or delete their coupons, according to their respective branding. For more control, there is a coupon code filter feature so they don’t use negative words as coupon codes when offering your products.

AffiliateWP – My Coupons feature details:

  • Affiliates can create and delete coupons without bothering the admin
  • Filter negative words so they don’t become coupon codes
  • Include coupons in affiliate links
  • Automatically apply coupons included in affiliate links when accessed


  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Portal
  • Woocommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads

Best Pricing for You

1 Site

Rp 249 .000

Best for personal usage

One time payment for getting updates and support

10 Sites

Rp 1.499 .000

Best for developers

One time payment for getting updates and support

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